Milad Tower

Milad or Tehran Tower is the tallest building in Iran, the 6th tallest tower and 19th tallest structure in the world. The tower has several usages such as a revolving restaurant named Sunflower Restaurant, a traditional restaurant, a cafeteria, a free art gallery, a close and an open observation deck, and a sky dome. You can also find an international convention center, a world trade center, and an international five-star hotel around it.


The Revolving Restaurant

Tehran Milad Tower claims the first place in the world with its largest revolving restaurant, at the height of 276 meters. It rotates 360° per 2-hours. The art works are related to Shahnameh (the epic work of ferdowsi).


Main Hall (Hafez Hall)

It's an equipped hall with a capacity of 1600 people.


The Free Art Gallery

It's a place to display  the valuable works of visual arts.


The Sky Dome

The last floor is a glassy dome which its height is 13 meters.


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