University of Religions and Denominations

University of Religions and Denominations

The University of Religions and Denominations is a private center of learning and research focused on the following goals:

  • To train students and researchers in the fields of religions, Islamic denominations and the Shiite studies
  • To acquire profound and accurate knowledge of Islam and Shiism
  • To answer all questions and inquiries concerning Islam and Shiism
  • To strive for the spread of ethics and spirituality amongst all, taking account of what all religions have in common and share with each other
  • To strengthen and increase the scientific output of home (Islamic/Iranian) scholars
  • To carry out essential, applicable and comparative research in the above mentioned fields
  • To print and publish magazines, periodicals and books on different religions and sects
  • To establish two-way relationship with similar institutes and universities worldwide as well as other researchers and academics.


Departments And Courses

The university currently has three departments:

  1. Department of Religions
  2. Department of Islamic Sects
  3. Department of Shiite Studies.

Each department has three courses of study. The courses available at the Department of Religions are Abrahamic Religions (Christianity, Islam and Judaism); Non-Abrahamic Religions (Hinduism, Buddhism) and religions of ancient Persia. The courses available at the Department of Islamic Sects are: Sufism and Islamic spirituality, Theological Sects and Jurisprudential Sects and the courses available at the Department of The Shiite studies are: Shiite studies from a theological perspective, Shiite History and Studies of Shiite Sects.

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