Holy Shrine of Her Highness Lady Ma’sumeh (PBUH)

Holy Shrine of Lady Ma'sumeh

Fatima Ma'sumeh was the sister of the eighth Imam Reza and the daughter of the seventh Imam Kadhim. She has a great and special position in the Shi'a tradition. The author of the book The History of Qom, writes: in the year 815 the Abbasid caliph, Ma'mun, summoned Imam Reza from Medina to Marv, for he wanted to appoint the Imam as his successor. Fatima Ma'sumeh left Medina in 816 in order to join her brother. It has been reported that she prepared herself for the long journey after she received a letter from her brother in that regard. Ma'sumeh headed for Iran in a caravan of her relatives. Upon their arrival to Saveh, a city near Qom, she fell ill. Thereafter, she ordered her servant to take her to Qom. There is no explicit mention of the exact date of her demise in early sources; however, later historical accounts state that she passed away in 9 November 816 when she was 28 years old.

Some of Notable burials

Shah Safi (1611–1642), Shahanshah of Persia (1629–42)
Shah Abbas II (1632–1666), Shahanshah of Persia (1642–66)
Shah Suleiman I (1647–1694), Shahanshah of Persia (1666–94)
Shah Sultan Hossein (1668–1726), Shahanshah of Persia (1694–1722)
Shah Abbas III (d. 1739), Shahanshah of Persia (1732–36)
Fath-Ali Shah (1772–1834), Shahanshah of Persia (1797–1834)
Mohammad Shah (1808–1848), Shahanshah of Persia (1834–48)
Mehdi Bazargan (1907–1995), prime minister (1979)
Parvin Etesami (1907–1941), poet
Fazlollah Nuri (1843–1909), cleric
Abdolkarim Haeri Yazdi (1859–1937), cleric
Sadreddin Sadr (1882–1954), cleric
Hossein Borujerdi (1875–1961), cleric
Morteza Motahhari (1920–1979), cleric
Mohammad-Hosseinn Tabatabaei (1904–1981), cleric
Shahabeddin Mar'ashi Najafi (1897–1990), cleric
Mohammad-Taqi Behjat Fumani (1913–2009), cleric
Hossein-Ali Montazeri (1922–2009), cleric

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