Tomb of Ferdowsi


He was one of the greatest epic poets and the author of Shahnameh which is one of the longest epic poems of all times and its composing takes 33 years of his life. He was born in Tus in 940. A translation of Ferdowsi poet by Reza Jamshidi Safa:

Much I have suffered in these thirty years,
I have revived the Ajam with my verse
I will not die then alive in the world,
For I have spread the seed of the word
Whoever has sense, path and faith,
After my death will send me praise.

Tomb of Ferdowsi

It was built between 1928 and 1934, under the Reza Shah, and remodeled in 1969 and uses mainly elements of Achaemenid architecture and the main building of tomb is very similar to the tomb of Cyrus. The construction of the mausoleum as well as its aesthetic design is a reflection of the cultural, and geo-political status of Iran at the time.

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