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Mashhad Tour

Hekmat Tourist Institute of Intercultural Relations (Mashhad, Iran) is honored to hold a 5-day recreational and cultural tour, especially designed for elites and scholars from a diverse range of global countries.
The tour aims to introduce the historical and cultural heritage of the Islamic Iran with a special focus on intercultural dialog.


• Visiting local and cultural sites in the Old Khorasan as well as observing the current Iranian lifestyle

• Holding an intercultural dialog panel that hosts renowned scholars and elites with the purpose of sharing their various intercultural experiences

• Obtaining tourist visa for applicants

5 days

This tour includes:

  • Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Accommodations: three-star hotel (6 nights)
  • Intercity and urban transportation
  • Assistance in arranging visas
  • English speaking tour guide




Day 1:

Morning: Visiting the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza and the museums of the shrine and Khajeh Rabi’
Evening: Going shopping (Almas-e Sharq – Vesal)

Day 4:

Full-day touring Rubat-e Sharaf, visiting the historical caravansary of Rubat-e Sharaf on the Silk Road

Day 2:

Half-day tour of Tūs – Torqabeh including visiting the tomb of Ferdowsi, Ferdowsi museum, Torqabeh exurbia, Torqabeh bazaar

Day 5:

Full-day touring Torbat-e Jam including Ayaz Minaret, the tomb of Arsalan Jazeb, the historical complex and the tomb of Ahmad Jami in Torbat-e Jam

Day 3:

Full-day touring Neyshabur including visiting Foothold of Imam Reza, the tomb of Attar, Khayyam, Kamal ul-Mulk, the shrine of the Imam’s sons Muhammad Mahruq and Ibrahim, the museum of Anthropology


1) Cash payments will be received on arrival.
2) The institute finds itself committed to obtain the visa while the usual fees are to be paid by the tourist.
3) Ticket purchase to and from Mashhad is to be done by the applicant.