Essential Tips

Anyway, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Dress Code

Women's dressing in Iran is not only a religious issue, but also a legal matter. Legally, women must observe the veil 'Hijab' in public places.


Iran currency is the Iranian rial, but 'toman' is more common. Each toman equals 10 rials. All of usual transactions are performed by the toman and rial.

Financial Services

Most of international financial services are unsupported, so there is no Mastercard, Visa or American Express. It is necessary to have enough cash.


The official language in Iran is Persian. Most of Iranians speak Persian. Knowing a foreign language is not common in Iran, but English is more common as a second language.

Public Holidays

Iran has 26 public holidays. The origin of public holidays in Iran is either Islamic events, national events, or people's beliefs in ancient Persia. Since the Iran's calendar is Solar, the dates of Islamic public holidays are variable.


Nationals of these countries don't require a visa: Turkey, Malaysia, Syria, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Venezuela, Bolivia, Sri Lanka.

Iran at a Glance


Government Islamic Republic
Area 1,648,195 km2
Population ~78 million
Language Persian
Currency IRR
Time Zone (GMT+03:30) Tehran
Electricity European 2-pin, German 2-pin