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Souvenir [spacer] [row] [span4] [lazy_load_box effect="slidefromleft" speed="800" delay="200"] Mashhad Saffron and Turquoise Jewelries [su_slider source="media: 3292,3293,3291" height="500" title="no" arrows="no"] [/lazy_load_box] [/span4] [span4] [lazy_load_box effect="fade" speed="1600" delay="200"] Isfahan Handicrafts, Gaz, and Poolaki [su_slider source="media: 3298,3299,3301" height="500" title="no" arrows="no"] [/lazy_load_box] [/span4] [span4] [lazy_load_box effect="slidefromright" speed="800" delay="200"] Qom Handmade Carpets and Sohan [su_slider source="media: 3303,3304,3302" height="500" title="no" arrows="no"] [/lazy_load_box] [/span4] [/row]
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Dishes & Drinks

Dishes & Drinks Iran has a remarkable variety of traditional dishes. Some of the main Iranian dishes are: Chelo Kabab, Joojeh Kabab, Ash-e Resheteh, Ghormeh Sabzi. [row] [span6] [su_slider source="media: 3311,3312,3313,3314,3316,3317,3318,3319,3320" height="400" arrows="no"] [/span6] [span6] [su_slider source="media: 3327,3323,3324,3325" height="400" arrows="no"] [/span6] [/row]
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