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Public Holidays

Public Holidays The origin of public holidays in Iran is either Islamic events, national events, or people's beliefs in ancient Persia. Since the Iran's calendar is Solar, the dates of Islamic public holidays are variable. [row] [span8] [table id=1 /] [/span8] [/row]
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Language The official language in Iran is Persian. Most of Iranians speak Persian. Knowing a foreign language is not common in Iran, but English is more common as a second language. [table id=3 /]
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Prohibited Items

Prohibited Items It is illegal to drink, to buy, to sell, and to carry any type of alcoholic beverages for Muslims. Also, the pretense to use alcoholic beverages in public is illegal for non-Muslims and will be confiscated at customs by anyone attempting to bring it into the country. Drug laws are also extremely strict and travelers…
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Religion The state religion in Iran is Shia Islam. Some of traditions of Iranian people are rooted in their religious beliefs. Naturally, understanding religious and cultural differences can reduce probable misunderstandings. For instance, shaking hands with men in public is unconventional for women, and vice versa.
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