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Iran Currency Iran currency is the Iranian rial, but 'toman' is more common. Each toman equals 10 rials. All of usual transactions are performed by the toman and the Iranian rial. Here are some pictures of the banknotes: [row] [span4] [su_slider source="media: 3191,3192,3194,3193,3196,3195,3198,3197,3200,3199,3205,3204,3201,3208,3207,3206,3203,3202" width="460" height="200" title="no" centered="no" pages="no" speed="1000"] [/span4] [/row] Rial equivalent of USD1, €1, and £1…
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Souvenir [spacer] [row] [span4] [lazy_load_box effect="slidefromleft" speed="800" delay="200"] Mashhad Saffron and Turquoise Jewelries [su_slider source="media: 3292,3293,3291" height="500" title="no" arrows="no"] [/lazy_load_box] [/span4] [span4] [lazy_load_box effect="fade" speed="1600" delay="200"] Isfahan Handicrafts, Gaz, and Poolaki [su_slider source="media: 3298,3299,3301" height="500" title="no" arrows="no"] [/lazy_load_box] [/span4] [span4] [lazy_load_box effect="slidefromright" speed="800" delay="200"] Qom Handmade Carpets and Sohan [su_slider source="media: 3303,3304,3302" height="500" title="no" arrows="no"] [/lazy_load_box] [/span4] [/row]
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Dishes & Drinks

Dishes & Drinks Iran has a remarkable variety of traditional dishes. Some of the main Iranian dishes are: Chelo Kabab, Joojeh Kabab, Ash-e Resheteh, Ghormeh Sabzi. [row] [span6] [su_slider source="media: 3311,3312,3313,3314,3316,3317,3318,3319,3320" height="400" arrows="no"] [/span6] [span6] [su_slider source="media: 3327,3323,3324,3325" height="400" arrows="no"] [/span6] [/row]
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Visa Iran visas on arrival are available for nationals of 185 countries (except those listed below) holding a 6 month valid ordinary passports for tourism purposes only. The VOA's may be obtained with or without prior Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) approval, however you might find an extra 2 to 3 hour airport delay (depending on incoming flights) in addition to a 25€ fee added…
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