About Hekmat Tour

This project through utilizing targeted programs, encompassing leisure and exploring ideas and scientific horizons has started to work on the basis of giving a scientific-intellectual and religious aspect to the tours in Iran. The aim behind running such a project is to strengthen mutual understanding between people in addition to promoting the idea of protecting the environment, culture customs and noble traditions.

Mutual Understanding

Strengthening culture exchanges and developing the opportunities for finding and discovering more tourist attractions and understanding customs, traditions and social traditions


Human Values Reinforcement

Building a bridge between cultural, social and scientific elite and their counterparts in different parts of the world in order to reinforce the human values

Introducing Achievements

Introducing latest scientific and cultural achievements in Iran to the world’s intellectuals


Target Audience

Our Policies

  • 1
    Avoiding political intervention in the affairs of other nations
  • 2
    To avoid any kind of ethnic, ideological and sectarian incitement imposing a specific ideology or creed on tourists
  • 3
    Observing and respecting customs, social traditions and cultures of other countries
Holy Shrine of Imam Reza, Mashhad

The atmosphere in this mosque is mesmerising. It is always busy with pilgrims from all over Iran and all over the world. The hospitality of the volunteers is next to none, dedicating their time to help guests and pilgrims have a smooth visitation …Ashariamo
London, United Kingdom

Tomb of khayyam, Neyshabur

It is unique, historically and emotionally. A great design with different stories behind it. Try to find a local to tell you about the interpretations of this mausoleum design. A very nice garden in the middle of dry Khorasan. Several turquoise shops around and also restaurants. Don’t miss it out.ranadp
Sydney, Australia

Pesaran Karim Restaurant, Mashhad

This is one of the best restaurant I have ever been to in the whole of Iran. The food is just amazing, especially the lamb chops and lamb shank (shishlik and mahicheh). The portions are larger than a standard western portion, and in general there is so much flavour to food that you get sad when you can’t finish!! …sa1692
England, United Kingdom



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